Norwich Hedgehog Rescue

Monetary Donations

 This is a small self funded rescue that I run from my home in Costessey near Norwich. I receive no support from the Government or other bodies, so am reliant on friends, family and wonderful supporters to help raise funds to cover the costs of food, housing, cleaning, transport and vet bills for the hedgehogs that arrive here. If you feel you could help with fundraising, fostering overwintering hedgehogs, providing a release site in your garden or in any other way please do 

Donations can be made through PayPal to

I am raising money to purchase a safe place for wildlife to be rehabilitated, having been found ill or injured for whatever reason. Norwich has very few places for wildlife to go where they will be treated as the individual they are, handled only when necessary and given time to mend. Upon rehabilitation they will be released into their natural environment. I need to purchase the initial setup up equipment which is a 16ft pent shed and the units for the animals to go in whilst in my care. Next spring I can extend this to aviaries and pens for extra space but for now the shed is the most important thing. The animal's husbandry will be funded through fundraising events and the fundraising shop called H.e.a.l but until that point, a base building is needed. Thank you for your donation.

Foster care training is provided for anyone interested in becoming a foster parent.

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